The Marion G. Austin School & Orphanage

HFC cares for 91 middle school aged children in full time residence and educates another 300+ students from the surrounding neighborhood.  These nearly 400 currently share a small multi-purpose area that also doubles as a garage and laundry area for open play.  The organization recently purchased a nearby home and demolished the building in hopes of one day building a real playground. 

Locate Marion G. Austin School & Orphanage in Google Maps here.

Photos of school below by Krista Guenin


“Haiti remains the poorest country of the Americas.”



The Haitian Struggle 

Haiti is the poorest country in our own Western Hemisphere and is regularly ranked as one of the most destitute nations on earth.  In 2010, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shocked Port-au-Prince, killing over 285,000 people and injuring many more.  The island is susceptible to very strong tropical storms and hurricanes - thirty (30) of our current generation of children in residence are in our care because of the devastation caused in southern Haiti by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, a massive Category 5 storm.  A staggering 60% of Haitians (over 6 million people) live below the poverty line of US$2.41 per day and more than 2.5 million live on under US$1.23 per day (extreme poverty).  Unemployment in Haiti approaches 45% (the US rate in December 2018 was 3.9%).  HFC employs a staff of 75 Haitian men and women who work at their Port-au-Prince facility.  Thirty of HFC’s current 91 in-residence children are survivors of the devastation created by Hurricane Matthew that destroyed much of southern Haiti.